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In the United States, Masterpass and Visa Checkout are now Click to Pay (EMV® Click to Pay), which is an industry-standard for secure checkout. Click to Pay provides shoppers with a frictionless checkout experience and merchants with a more secure payment method. Click to Pay supports all major card brands, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners, and JCB.


The implementation of Click to Pay is the same as the current Visa Checkout implementation. The only change is that, for any merchant in the United States, if you have either Visa Checkout, Masterpass, or both, those logos are automatically replaced with the single Click to Pay logo (SRC logoSRC logo) plus the card brands you support.

Shopper Experience

For shoppers outside of the US, the checkout screen continues to look exactly the same (because Click to Pay is not supported outside the US).
For shoppers in the US, the checkout page now looks like this:

More information

For more information on Click to Pay, refer here.

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Click to Pay

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