Rules-based customer communication and automated workflows

What are cadences?

If you’re like most companies you’ve been managing Accounts Receivable with a combination of aging reports, spreadsheets, and a lot of manual labor. While accounting systems show you what’s past due, all the effort of determining what needs your attention and what needs to happen is left to you.

Our cadence system lets you automate all or some of these steps with fully customizable workflows and communication rules. You can use multiple communication channels (including email, SMS, letters, phone calls), copy other team members, and even control which communication is sent automatically and which require approval. Cadences maximize collections effectiveness and efficiency by ensuring every customer and invoice receives the optimal level of attention while your team is empowered to do more impactful work.

Each cadence is a set of rules that can be assigned at the customer and invoice level. This lets you create specific communication rules to manage different customer types, products, teams, and relationships. You can create an unlimited number of cadences, giving you specific workflows to manage any billing scenario or customer relationship. After a cadence is assigned, all cadence steps are scheduled and can be viewed in the To-Do List. After an invoice is fully paid, it is automatically removed from the cadence and all unsent steps are canceled.