Subscriptions with Indian-issued Cards

To meet directives issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), BlueSnap implements a unique flow for recurring charges with India-issued credit cards​. This flow applies to payments made with cards issued by Indian banks, that occur without the direct involvement of the customer while using previously collected payment information. This includes recurring transactions, subscriptions, and any payments where the user is not present (online) at the time of payment authorization. These conditions apply to businesses in India and international businesses selling to Indian customers in both INR and non-INR currencies.​

Subscription Flow

Our subscription manager will recognize and flag subscriptions that are paid for with cards issued by an Indian issuer. The flagged subscriptions will follow a unique flow: A charge will be initiated for each recurring cycle instance.​ All other subscription functionality (emails, reminders, IPNs, APIs, cancellations, retries, grace periods, etc.)​ will be the same as any other BlueSnap subscription.

Shopper Experience

  1. 72 hours before a subscription renewal, the shopper will receive a payment notification email reminding them that a recurring charge is due in 72 hours and a link to approve the upcoming charge. ​The email will be sent every 24 hours until a grace period cancellation is reached.​
  2. If the shopper approves the charge, it will initiate a charge linked to the subscription ID and the shopper will go through the 3DS authentication process.
  3. Once complete, the subscription will be renewed.


To take advantage of this functionality, make sure BlueSnap Subscription emails are enabled.


  • This is not supported for Merchant Managed Subscriptions. If you are managing your own subscriptions, be sure to implement functionality that meets RBI directives.
  • This is only supported for BlueSnap Subscription users who enable BlueSnap emails. ​