Customer Portal FAQs and Errors

Log in to the Customer Portal

This is how customers can log in to their Customer Portal:

  1. Open the Customer Portal Sign In page on a browser.



You can check your Customer Portal link on the Customer Portal Subdomain field in your Company Profile page in the format

  1. Provide the login details. Enter the contact email address and password and click the Sign In button.
  1. Optional: Choose the customer account. If there are multiple customer accounts associated with the same email address, all the accounts will be displayed after clicking Sign In(if the Customer Portal setting is enabled). Customers can then select which account they want to access.
  1. The customer will be redirected to the Customer Portal home page.


How do I invite my customers to the Customer Portal?

Invite customers to an interactive customer portal for viewing invoices, statements, sharing files, and making payments.

The AR Automation Customer Portal provides secure access for your customers to access their billing history, statements, shared files, update saved payment methods, and pay invoices/balances. Customers must be invited to the portal using one of the following options:

Invite an individual customer to the portal

  1. Select the action menu from either the customer details or summary page.

  2. Select Send Invitation.

  3. Customize the portal invitation email.

Invite a group ("batch") of customers to the portal

  1. On the Customer Summary page, select the customers you want to invite to the portal.

  2. In the Batch Actions drop-down list, select Send an invitation.

  3. Customize the portal invitation email.

Invite multiple contacts from the same company to their customer portal

If more than one customer contact needs access to the portal, you can provide each with their own credentials rather than forcing them to share a password.

  1. Select Edit from the customer details page.

  2. Scroll down to the Contacts section.

  3. (Optional) Add a new contact.

  4. Select the menu next to Contact Them and select Enable Customer Portal.

  5. (Optional) Send this contact an invitation by selecting the Contact menu and choose Send Invitation, or choose Send Invitation from the main customer details page.

Allow customers to "Request Access" to the Customer Portal

Your customer portal is located on Customer Portal Subdomain in your Company Profile in the format

From your Customer Portal login page, customers can Request Access to their portal. After selecting the Request Access link, they are prompted to enter their email address. If the email address they enter, matches a customer in your account, they automatically receive an invitation to the customer portal by email.

  1. The customer is marked as "Active" in your Accounting System. If it isn’t, the setting to import all customers (not just active) should be enabled on the Accounting settings page.



Currently, batch actions are applied to one page at a time. To perform an action on more than one page at a time, contact AR Automation.

What do I do if customers are not receiving the customer portal email?

Please check the Customer Portal status on the Customer Record page. If the Customer Portal setting status is “Pending”, the invitation has been sent out successfully but the customer hasn't accepted it yet. The shopper should check their mailbox (including Spam/Junk) and find the email that was sent out from the email address connected to your AR automation account.


Keep in mind that invitation emails are sent from the email account connected to AR Automation. You may want to check if the email has been delivered by checking the Sent folder in your mailbox.

You may also want to recommend that the customer requests access to the Customer Portal manually. The customer will need to follow the Customer Portal link> Click on the Request Access button > Enter the email associated with their account > Click Submit. The customer should then receive the invitation from you.


How do I switch to another customer account?

If a customer has multiple accounts, they can easily switch to another one when they are already logged into one. They can switch by doing the following:

  1. Click on the customer name in the top right corner to reveal the account menu. Click the Change Account button. Note that this option is only available if the email used is linked to more than one customer account.
  2. The Select Customer Account window appears. Customer can click the customer account they want to use.
  1. The customer will be redirected to the Customer Portal Dashboard for the selected customer account.

How does a customer reset their Customer Portal password?

If a customer has forgotten their password or they would like to set up a password for multiple accounts linked to the same email address, they can easily reset their password from the Customer Portal.
To reset:

  1. Navigate to the Sign In page and click the Forgot your password? Click here! button.
  2. Enter the email address associated with the customer account, and click the Request Reset Link button.
  3. The following message should be displayed: “Instructions to reset your password have been sent to the provided email address.”
  4. The customer should receive an email containing a link to reset their password.



The subject of the email is "Reset password instructions". Password reset emails are sent from the email account connected to your AR Automation account. You may want to check if the email has been delivered by checking the sent folder in your mailbox.

  1. The customer can now set a new password. The new password can be entered into the password fields, and the customer can click the Reset Password button.


Invalid invitation token error upon accepting the invitationThis error can occur if the customer has already accepted the invite and the customer portal status is "Enabled" It can also occur if they were invited more than once and tried to accept the invitation through the first email.

If the customer's portal says “Enabled”, that means the invitation has already been accepted and the shopper needs to log in to their Customer Portal account. In this case, there’s no need to send a customer portal invitation. Customers may log in to the Customer Portal with their credentials and reset the password if needed.

If the Customer Portal says “Pending” on the Customer Profile page, that means the invitation emails have already been sent out. To ensure that the customer opens a valid email (last sent), we recommend advising the shopper to delete all the customer portal invitation emails in their mailbox, and then resend the invitation.
Invalid username or email errorThere are instances when the customer is unable to log in due to an invalid credentials error, even when the credentials are entered correctly. This may happen for the following reasons:

The Customer Portal is not enabled on the contact level. To enable it, open the Customer Record page > Click Edit > find the Contacts section > Click on the Enable Customer Portal button in the contact action menu.
Based on your subscription plan, the Customer Portal is not added as a feature to your AR Automation account. The Customer Portal is included in the Enterprise, Plus, and Pro Subscription Plans.
* A customer has multiple customer accounts with the Customer Portal enabled, all associated with the same email address. If you have two or more customer accounts under the same email address, you may only have Customer Portal access through one account. This means that on the contact level, the Customer Portal needs to be enabled for one customer and disabled for all others with the same email on the account. You could also change the associated email address for other contacts.