Conversion Reports

Payment Conversion Reports

Report description

Payment Conversion reports provide in-depth analysis into your authorization results so that you can optimize conversion rates and increase sales. Any conversion report can be run for one-time or recurring charges, allowing you to focus your analysis on subscriptions as needed.



  • Payment Conversion reports are applicable to credit and debit card transactions.
  • Duplicate attempts of the same transaction are removed.
  • Zero-dollar authorizations are included in transaction count.
  • Data is delayed by approximately 3 hours.
  • All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.

Report categories

Payment Conversion reports are separated into two categories:

First Time

Includes payment conversion data for one-time transactions and initial subscription charges (if you're using BlueSnap's Subscription Engine).



If you're managing your own subscriptions, all of your transactions are considered first-time sales and are available in the First Time category.


Includes payment conversion data for all recurring subscription charges (if you're using BlueSnap's Subscription Engine).

Report views

Each of the Payment Conversion report categories contains the following views, allowing you to analyze specific aspects of your payment conversions.

Monthly or Daily

Understand how business changes such as product pricing, website disclosures, and adjustments to the checkout form impact your conversion rates for a specific time period. You can view conversion rates by month, or by month and by day.

Transaction Value

Reference conversion data to develop pricing strategies that maximize sales. Returns conversion rates for various ticket size ranges.

Credit vs Debit

Identify conversion issues with specific networks. Separates conversion rates by credit and debit cards.

Conversion Rates by Issuer and BIN

Provides information about the bank (country and bank name), card type (credit/debit), and BIN type. For each BIN, the report tells you the value and number of the successful and declined transactions, as well as the conversion rate. This report enables you to diagnose and address processing issues, such as lower success rates with a specific BIN.

Payment Declines by Reason Code

Understand why transactions are declining so you can optimize your checkout experience. Returns the number and value of declined authorizations per decline reason.

Payment success grids

Shows the authorization success rates (based on either the number of transactions or value of transactions) for various combinations of currency and BIN Country. Identifying the optimal authorization currency for each BIN country allows you to improve authorization success and increase sales.

Wallet conversion rates

Compares conversion rates for various wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay™, and Visa Checkout.

Report Columns

Column NameDescription
Amount (USD) DeclinedThe value of all declined authorizations.
Amount (USD) SuccessThe USD value of all successful authorizations.
Amount (USD) Success %Amount (USD) Success / (Amount USD Success + Amount USD Declined).
Authorization DateTransactions are grouped based on the month the authorization was attempted.
Authorization MonthTransactions are grouped based on the day the authorization was attempted.
BIN Card TypeCredit, debit, or wallet.
BIN CountryThe country where the payment card was issued.
BIN Issuer OrganizationThe bank that issued the shopper's payment card. Value can also be Wallet.
BIN NumberBank identification number. The first 6 digits of the shopper's payment card.
Card TypeCredit or Debit.
Decline ReasonThe reason an authorization was declined.
Declined CountThe total number of declined authorizations.
Success %Success Count / (Success Count + Declined Count).
Success CountThe total number of successful authorizations.
Success Count %Success Count / (Success Count + Declined Count).
Ticket SizeThe USD value of the authorization attempts.
Total TransactionsThe total number of attempted authorizations (success + declined) for each auth currency-bin country pair.
Total Value USDThe USD value of all attempted authorizations (success + declined) for each auth currency-bin country pair.
Transaction CountTotal number of declined authorizations.
Transaction Count DeclinedThe total number of declined authorizations.
Transaction Count SuccessThe total number of successful authorizations.
Transaction Count Success %Transaction Count Success / (Success Count Success + Transaction Count Declined).
WalletThe type of wallet used in the transaction.

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