Assign Cadences

Once you've customized your cadences the next step is to assign these rules to your customers and invoices. Cadences can be automatically assigned through Cadence Assignment rules or they can be manually assigned at the customer level, which then applies to all invoices for that customer, or to a specific invoice.

  • To learn how to create a Cadence Assignment rule, click here.

  • To assign a cadence to a customer or invoice:

    • Click the Actions column (three vertical dots) to the right of the Customer List or Invoice List.
  • Select Select Cadence. If a cadence has already been assigned, select Change Cadence.

  • Batch Actions can also be used to assign cadences, remove cadences, invite customers to their portal, or change owners to multiple objects at once. To use batch actions:

    • Select the customers or invoices using the checkmark to their left.
    • Select Batch Actions in the upper left.
    • Select the action.
  • Default Cadence is automatically applied to all new customers. Without a default cadence, invoices for new customers must be assigned to a cadence manually. To choose a default cadence, click the icon next to the cadence.


Best Practice

When you first assign steps in your cadence, do not use the Send this reminder automatically option.

When a step in a cadence is not set to send automatically, it generates tasks that can be reviewed and approved. This gives you the opportunity to verify that all content and conditions are correct. When everything is correct, edit the cadence to send any step(s) automatically.