Preparing your BlueSnap Account for a Shopping Cart

BlueSnap supports integrations with shopping carts including Magento and WooCommerce.


Before you get started:

A few steps need to be taken internally to prepare your BlueSnap account. Contact an Implementation Specialist, requesting your account be prepared for integration.

After you've contacted BlueSnap to prepare your account, continue on by configuring your BlueSnap account to work with the shopping cart platform, as described below.

Once your BlueSnap account is ready, continue with the setup process for Magento or WooCommerce.

If you need additional help, please contact BlueSnap Merchant Support.

Step 1: Get a BlueSnap account

Contact BlueSnap Sales to request a BlueSnap account. Let the sales representative know which shopping cart you want to integrate with, and how many stores (domains) you would like to include in the integration.
BlueSnap's sales representative will provide you with:

  • A seven-digit Merchant ID.
  • Login credentials for your BlueSnap production account.
  • You may also receive login credentials for a sandbox account, which can be useful for testing.

Step 2: Verify your BlueSnap account settings

Log in to the Merchant Portal using the credentials provided by the BlueSnap sales team.


Under Account Activity > Account Snapshot, in the My Products area, you will see one or more products that were automatically set up by BlueSnap. The product names will start with the shopping cart name, such as "woocommerce". Your entire shopping cart product catalog is not replicated in BlueSnap. Instead, we have created a product that represents each of your stores. For example, if you have two stores (e.g. and, then in the Merchant Portal you will see two products, one for each store.


Under each product (i.e. store), there is a contract. Make a note of the contract ID, as you will need it to complete setup of your shopping cart plugin. All transactions you process through your stores will be reported and associated with one of these products and contracts, using the relevant SKU in BlueSnap.



Multiple contracts for WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce, there will be two contracts. One of these is for one-time orders, and the other is for recurring orders (subscriptions). By default, the subscription contract is priced at a first charge of $1.00 and then another $1.00 on demand)

API settings

To view the default settings BlueSnap has configured for your account, go to Settings > API Settings.
You can access these settings here:

  • API username
  • API password: By default, it is set to Welcome1. You can change the password if you wish. The password must include a minimum of 7 characters and at least one capital letter and one number. It must start with a letter and cannot contain consecutive characters
  • Store ID: The Default Store ID is the ID you will need if you have only one store (domain). If you have multiple stores, each one will have a different ID. Click the See all my stores link to view a list of each store name and ID. You can hover over the store URL to view the complete URL.
  • Data Protection Key: By default, it is set to Welcome1. If you wish to change it, go to the Payment Methods section in the left menu.
  • Client Side Encryption Key

Make a note of these settings, as you will need them to complete setup of your shopping cart plugin.



Any time you change your API password in BlueSnap, you must also update it in the settings of your shopping cart.

Additional settings

Payment methods
Go to Checkout Page > Payment Methods in the left menu of the Merchant Portal. Choose which payment methods you would like to offer to shoppers on your checkout pages. You can come back and make changes here at any time.

Before you start selling, make sure to set up your payout preferences. For instructions, see Payout method.

Your BlueSnap account is now ready, and you can continue with the setup process for Magento or WooCommerce!