Quotes, Proposals & eSign

With AR Automation, you can create and manage your invoice and subscription-based quotes, which are customizable documents that can be sent to recipients for electronic signature. Quotes automatically create an invoice or subscription once completed by all its recipients.

Create a new quote

  1. In the left navigation panel, go to Customers > Quotes.

  2. Click New Quote.

  3. Select Subscription-based quote or Invoice-based quote.

  4. Configure your quote settings.

  5. Click Save & Review.

  6. Review the quote and complete any needed steps, such as signing the quote or making any modifications to the quote's appearance.

  7. To modify/add recipients to the quote, click the Roles tab.

  8. Optionally, select Enable signing order. If selected, the first user in the list will receive the quote first. When they are finished with the quote, then the next user in the list will receive the quote, and so on. Reorder the list by clicking and holding on the role, then dragging it to the desired location in the list.

  9. To add a new recipient, click Add New Role and fill out the following information:

  • Role Name
  • Recipient First Name
  • Recipient Last Name
  • Recipient Email
  • Request to enter billing info - Select this to request that the recipient enter their billing details.
  • Request contact info from other recipient - If Enable signing order was selected, you can select this option to request that the recipient enter the contact information of the next recipient to receive the quote.
  • Has to choose plan - For subscription-based quotes where there are multiple billing plans, select this option to request that the recipient selects a plan.
  1. When you are done reviewing and modifying the quote, click Send.

Quote settings

CustomerThe customer you are creating the quote for.
PlanFor subscription-based quotes, select a subscription plan for this quote. Multiple plans can be selected for the recipient to choose from.
Quote TemplateSelect a template for the quote.
Expiration DateThe date the quote expires.
Quote #A number for the quote.
IntervalFor subscription-based quotes, this is how often invoices are created.
Billing StartFor subscription-based quotes, this is when the first invoice is created.
Days of TrialFor subscription-based quotes, this is how long after the subscription has started before an invoice is created.
Service Period is the same as Billing PeriodFor subscription-based quotes, unselect this if the service period (the time period during which the customer is charged for using the service) is different from the billing period (the time period since the date of the last invoice).

If unselected, specify the Service Period Start date.
DurationFor subscription-based quotes, this is how long the subscription should be active for. Default is Renew Forever.
CouponFor subscription-based quotes, this applies a discount to the quote. For more information, refer to coupons.
TermsWhen the customer is expected to pay the invoice. Options include On-Receipt (when the invoice is received by the customer), and NET 3 (payment is due 3 days after the invoice date) through NET 60 (payment is due 60 days after the invoice date).
Invoice DateFor invoice-based quotes, this is when the invoice is created.
CurrencyThe currency the customer will be charged in.
Invoice TemplateSelect a template for future invoices.
Auto PayIf this option is enabled and the customer has a payment method on file, the invoice will be automatically charged when it's created.
Line ItemsCreate a line item for the quote by specifying:

- Product/Service
- Description
- Quantity
- Price
- One Time (select this if the item is a one-time charge)
- Tax (select this if the item is taxable)
- Start Date
- End Date
- Included Usage (if applicable, the usage amount of the item)
Tax RateThe tax rate for the quote.
Notes visible to customerNotes about the quote that will be visible to the customer.
Terms and ConditionsTerms and conditions of the quote.