Virtual Terminal with Hosted Payment Pages

BlueSnap’s Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that enables you to process payments received via phone, fax, and email. With Virtual Terminal, you also have access to Payment Link, which enables you to generate a unique, secure link to send to the shopper. The shopper enters their payment details on the secure page.

To recap, the Virtual Terminal offers two ways to enter the shopper’s payment details:

  • Your employee enters the information directly in the Merchant Portal


  • Your employee uses Payment Link to send the shopper a uniquely generated link, where the shopper enters their own payment information

See Virtual Terminal setup and Using the Virtual Terminal.


  • Process offline sales that come in via phone, fax, and mail
  • No hardware or software to install
  • Automatic and customizable fraud protection
  • Support for 100 currencies and 29 languages
  • Out-of-the-box features like coupons, customizable emails, download links, and license keys
  • Sales and conversion reports in the Merchant Portal
  • Use all payment types supported by BlueSnap

PCI-compliance level SAQ C-VT is required to use the Virtual Terminal.



If you're certified for SAQ D, you are automatically covered for all other SAQ levels.