Fraud FAQs

Before reading these questions and answers, review the Chargeback Management and Fraud Transaction Alert Services documentation.

For more questions about chargebacks, including topics like Chargeback Prevention Alerts, RDR, and TC40/SAFE, visit Chargeback FAQs.

General Questions

What does BlueSnap do to prevent fraudulent orders?

BlueSnap has partnered with Kount to analyze customer data and purchase behavior on every transaction to identify and stop fraudulent orders. BlueSnap offers three levels of enhanced fraud prevention services, each with different capabilities and customization opportunities. Refer to Fraud prevention service levels. BlueSnap also provides account validation for ACH transactions (see the question below).

Does BlueSnap verify bank account details for ACH transactions?

Yes. BlueSnap has partnered with GIACT to verify bank account details for ACH transactions. The bank account and routing numbers are validated before the transaction is sent for processing. Unauthorized and malicious users will be prevented from sending fake bank account data.

How do I ensure that I'm getting optimum fraud results?

While the following fields are optional for order processing, they are necessary for fraud determination. Always include these fields to get optimal fraud results: shopper email, shipping address, billing address, CVV, and device data. For more information, refer to Fraud prevention service levels.

Are there instances where things are duplicated?

It is possible to receive an alert for the same transaction from Ethoca and Verifi because a few Issuing banks provide alerts to both companies. However, once a transaction is refunded, BlueSnap does not allow a duplicate refund to be issued on the same transaction.

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