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Getting started

Are there any products or services that are unacceptable to sell?

Yes, we do have guidelines about what products are unacceptable for sale. These guidelines offer specific details and the complete listing of prohibited products.

Does BlueSnap support the ability to process payments for subscriptions or recurring charges?

Yes, products can be set up to automatically bill the shopper based on a standard or custom payment schedule, such as monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. See Subscription capabilities.

Do you offer any reports to help me manage my business?

Our platform is set up with a number of reports to help you build and manage your business, whether you need clarity on you conversion rates or insight into your sales and revenue. All of your sales and shopper records are permanent so you can consistently and accurately track them and plan accordingly.
See Key reporting & analytics tools.

Do you offer a mobile app?

The BlueSnap mobile app will soon be available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Spring 2017). It’s a great way to keep up to date with account activity while on the go.

You can view reports, search for orders, issue refunds, and cancel subscriptions.
To use the app, your account must have one API User. And only users with the Reports permission will be able to login to the app.

Note: Permissions assigned to users of the BlueSnap web portal will apply when accessing the mobile app. Users that cannot refund an order, modify a subscription, or search for a transaction in the web console will not be able to perform these activities in the mobile app.

See Key reporting & analytics tools.

Can I set statement descriptors dynamically?

Yes, you can define the statement descriptor in three ways:

  • Account level: You must configure an account level statement descriptor, which will serve as the default descriptor for all transactions. See Defining the account-level statement descriptor.
  • Per product (only with BuyNow hosted checkout): If you are using our BuyNow hosted checkout pages, you can set up a separate statement descriptor per product on the Product Information page.
  • Per transaction and/or per subscription: If you are using our Payment API or Extended Payment API, you can also define a descriptor dynamically per transaction and/or per subscription by including the soft-descriptor property in your request. See the API documentation.

Which payment methods are available to my customers?

We offer over 110 payment types and 100 currencies. Check, money order, credit card, PayPal, e-Check, wire transfer, local bank transfer, direct debit are just a few of the many payment types BlueSnap supports. See Supported payment methods and Supported currencies.

Will you make a separate payment to designated individuals for royalties?

Yes, BlueSnap merchants who wish to pay individuals who have contributed to the development of their product are able to set up a royalty payment (usually either a percentage of the retail cost, or a flat amount) within their account. Using the BlueSnap e-Business platform, the royalty payment can be automatically calculated and delivered to the individual each month.

Can the BuyNow checkout pages pass parameters to the success page?

Yes. To do this, you can set up a URL to send a shopper to a specific success page once the shopper completes a purchase. You can then use URL parameters to pull values from the checkout page so that you can show them on your success page. For example, you could include the parameters for shopper’s name and email, and these parameters would then be automatically populated with the actual values from the checkout page. For more information, see Redirect after a purchase.

What are the supported browsers?

BlueSnap supports the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Support is rolled forward with each new major browser version.

Can I take my data with me if I leave BlueSnap?

If you decide to leave us, first we would like to know why. We pride ourselves on providing the best product and support in the industry, so, if we have fallen short of that committment we would like your feedback so we know where we need to improve. You can access and retrieve all data that is not covered by PCI requirements via our Reporting API.

For PCI-covered data (credit card number, expiration date, etc.,), we are required to transfer this data to your new provider in a PCI compliant manner. To get this process started, please email us at Once we validate that your new provider is PCI compliant, we will provide them with the card data in our standard format at no cost to you.

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Security and fraud prevention

What is PCI compliance and how do I become PCI compliant?

The PCI DSS was established in 2006 by the major card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International). All businesses that process, store, or transmit payment card data are required to implement the standard. The goal of PCI compliance is simply to protect commerce. As you reach compliance with the standard you will be armed with a secure foundation to avoid a devastating attack from criminals that may result in costs associated with loss of business, forensic investigations, credit monitoring, and post breach audit and security updates.

Anyone who accepts credit card payments needs to comply with PCI-DSS rules. All BlueSnap merchants are required to complete a SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) to comply with PCI 3.0 regulations. Merchants using our Hosted Payment Fields or our BuyNow pages will only need to complete SAQ-A, which is a short and simple questionnaire. Merchants using client-side encryption will be required to complete a longer SAQ-A-EP questionnaire. Merchants using the API will be evaluated based on their specific configuration. Merchants using our Virtual Terminal will need to complete SAQ-C-VT. These forms need to be updated yearly.

Note: If you fill out the SAQ-D form, you are covered for all other SAQ levels.

To get started today call SecurityMetrics at (800) 557-4797 or enroll now at

To learn more about PCI compliance requirements visit the SecurityMetrics PCI Learning Center.

What does BlueSnap do to prevent fraudulent orders?

BlueSnap has partnered with Kount to analyze customer data and purchase behavior on every transaction to identify and stop fraudulent orders. BlueSnap offers three levels of enhanced fraud prevention services, each with different capabilities and customization opportunities. See Fraud prevention service levels.

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How much does it cost to sign up? What fees will I pay?

There are no upfront sign up or setup fees to join BlueSnap! We do charge a small sales commission on your BlueSnap-generated sales. These fees are deducted and shown in detail with your monthly payout. To learn more, contact us at

When do I receive my payout?

The default payout is monthly. Depending on commercial terms, the Powered Buy Platform can support multiple payout methods.

What payout methods are available to me?

You can receive payout via wire transfer, ACH (direct deposit), SEPA Credit Transfer, or CHAPS. See Payout.

Can BlueSnap convert my payout from USD to another currency, or do I have to convert it at the bank?

In many cases, if you are being paid outside the United States, you may either have funds delivered in your local currency (via wire transfer, for instance), or be paid by a check in USD. If you select the first option, we will convert your currency based on our current rate and deposit your funds. If you select the second option, you simply bring your check to your local bank and have them run the conversion and apply the funds to your account.

Are there more payout options?

Yes, make sure to check out our Partner Connections where we keep updating our advanced solutions for payouts, including receiving direct deposits internationally and even managing your own employee payouts.

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Currency conversion

Can you do like-for-like? Does that mean no FX mark-up?

Yes. BlueSnap can settle (pay out) in to your merchant account in 12 currencies like-for like: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY, HKD, DKK, NOK, SEK, CHF. For transactions in these currencies, and provided you have accounts capable of receiving these currencies, BlueSnap can authorize and settle into your account without conversion, or FX fees, either to you or to your customer.

How much does the shopper pay in FX when they choose to pay in their own currency? Is the mark up different for Minor and Major currencies?

BlueSnap knows pricing is critical to converting shoppers to buyers, as a result BlueSnap pricing is very competitive. In addition, showing an accurate price at checkout provides confidence to the shopper the price they see is the price they'll pay.

When we do the currency conversions, we will calculate it using the live Interbank rates (similar to what you can see on Reuters/, etc) and, when not a like-for-like currency, Bluesnap will add a mark-up which covers the cost of converting that transaction into your settlement currencies. Mark-up is different for different groups of currencies.

Who keeps that mark-up?

The mark-up serves different purposes. As previously mentioned, it covers the cost of converting these transactions into your settlement currency, so you don’t have to incur this cost. BlueSnap also keeps a portion of this for providing this service to you.

I am a merchant based in the US, and my shopper is in France. How does the flow work?

In this case, you will probably want to display the price to your customer in Euros, but you are likely to have only a US bank account in USD. So, BlueSnap will display the price in Euros using the live Interbank rates and will add a mark-up, which covers the cost of converting that transaction into your settlement currency (USD). The transaction will get authorized in EUR, but will be settled into your account in USD.

I am a merchant based in the UK, my shopper is in Canada, and CAD is one of my like-for-like currencies. How does the flow work?

Assuming CAD is one of your agreed like-for-like currencies, and that you have a bank account in CAD, the flow is simple: Shopper sees the price in CAD, transaction is authorized and settled back to you in CAD without the need for a currency conversion, hence without conversion fees. If however, you don’t have a CAD bank account, and you only have one in GBP, you will incur a fee when we have to convert the transaction to GBP prior to settling to your account.

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What is a Marketplace?

A Marketplace is a platform that enables you board your vendors and then split payments from your shoppers between your marketplace and vendors.

Does BlueSnap support a Marketplace?

Yes. BlueSnap merchants can use our "vendor API" to board merchants and set the commission split between your marketplace and your vendors. To learn more see our Marketplace docs.

Why would I want to create a Marketplace?

If you've created a business where you want to encourages vendors to participate in your success a marketplace is for you. With the BlueSnap Marketplace you can board your merchants and manage all communications and interactions between your vendors, while leaving the payout to all parties to BlueSnap

Are there any fees for the Marketplace?

The marketplace fee is based on the gross amount paid out to vendors. While you are busy managing your marketplace business, we are working hard to verify vendor identities, to split payouts between you and your vendors, and to provide the reports for reconciliation – just to name a few.

Can I transfer account funds between vendors?

No. BlueSnap pays out account funds to your vendors according to the established commission rate.

When does the commission split for a sale occur?

BlueSnap splits the payment based on the commission rate once the shopper’s funds are captured.

What are the requirements for verifying individuals? What are the requirements for businesses?

We discuss the differences between boarding individuals and businesses to your marketplace in Vendor Verification Requirements.

As the marketplace owner, will I have one BlueSnap account where I will receive all commission splits?

Yes. You will have one BlueSnap account where you will receive all commission splits on marketplace sales. For more information, click here.

What payment methods are supported?

Credit cards and ACH/ECP are supported payment methods for the marketplace.

If a vendor has not been approved/verified yet, can they receive payout?

Payout is on hold until the vendor has been approved by BlueSnap. BlueSnap informs you of changes to the vendor account via webhooks.

Can I perform a refund on behalf of a vendor within 24 hours of the transaction?

Full refunds can be performed at any time. Partial refunds can only be performed after 24 hours of the transaction. For more information, check out refunds.

Can I add metadata to API calls for transactions?

Yes. BlueSnap supports the passing of metadata in the API request for transactions.
Check out:

Can I define the statement descriptor dynamically per transaction?

Yes. You can define the statement descriptor dynamically per transaction by including the Soft Descriptor property in the transaction request.

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Merchant FAQs