Konnektive CRM Setup

Konnektive CRM provides solutions that enable you to automate and synchronize your entire business to perform various tasks such as setting up products, creating sales campaigns, automating order fulfillment, and managing inventory. By connecting to BlueSnap, you'll get the added benefit of global card processing and support for vaulted shoppers right from the Konnective platform.


Konnektive and BlueSnap accounts

You must have accounts at both Konnketive and BlueSnap to proceed.

If you need a Konnektive account, go to the Konnective website to sign up.
If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

Note: Your PCI requirements will be determined during a discussion with your BlueSnap Implementation Specialist.

Before you begin:

Contact an Implementation Specialist to get your account ready. BlueSnap will provide you with credentials, which you'll use in Step 2.

Step 1: Configure your BlueSnap account settings

Please complete these steps in your BlueSnap Console.

  1. First, you'll set up your statement descriptor, which is the description that will appear on the shopper's credit card/bank statement for each transaction to help them identify the purchase.

    Go to Settings > General Settings. In the Branding Settings section, enter a Default Statement (Soft) Descriptor and Support Phone Number (both will appear on the shopper's credit card/bank statement). When you're done, click Submit.

  2. To get paid, you will need to configure your payout settings. See Payout for more information.

Step 2: Configure your Konnektive settings

Please configure the following settings in your Konnective console (screen shot below).

  • Gateway: Select NMI.
  • Username: Enter your gateway username that BlueSnap provided.
  • Password: Enter your gateway password that BlueSnap provided.
  • Phone #: Enter your support contact phone number.
  • Email: Enter your support contact email.
  • Accepted Payment: Select the card types you wish to accept. Please note that eCheck is not supported.
  • MID #: Enter the value that BlueSnap provided.
  • Category Code: Enter the value that BlueSnap provided.

When you're done, click Create MID.

Konnektive CRM Setup

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