Cleanse Reports

Report description

We have partnered with Kount to identify and eliminate fraudulent activity through customer data and purchase behavior analysis. Cleanse Reports leverage data in key areas to provide information about shopper behavior. Data is delayed by approximately 3 hours.



  • Report availability:
  • Data formats: All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.

Report views

The Cleanse Reports are comprised of four different report views, each one providing unique insights into the quality of your transactions.

Clean Rate by Device Country

Track transaction data by device country. This report view provides a broad overview of your markets to help you recognize shopper behavior across geographies. 

Clean Rate by Device Country and Language

Track shopper behavior by device location and default device language. See how shopper geo-location and device language settings relate to transaction data, so you can better understand your market profiles.

Mobile Clean Rate by Device Country

Track transaction data by mobile device country, so you can identify how to invest in your mobile markets. You might decide to create a mobile app or to revamp your current mobile checkout experience based on the insights you gain from this report view.

Clean Rate by Product

For customers that use BlueSnap’s product catalog. This report view provides a broad product overview to help you recognize shopper behavior across your products. You will be able to identify the products that are causing the most fraud declines, refunds, and chargeback activity.

Report columns

Column Name


Chargeback Count

Total number of chargebacks.

Clean Rate

(Transaction Attempts - Total Bad Transactions) / Transaction Attempts

Completed Sales

Transaction Attempts - Fraud Declines - Failed Transactions

Device Country

The geographic location of the shopper's device at the time of purchase.

Device Language

Appears in Clean Rate by Device Country and Language. The language setting of the shopper's device at the time of purchase.

Declined Auths

Total number of transaction declined by the issuing bank. See reports: Declined Transactions and Payment Declines by Reason Code.

Fraud Decline

Total number of transactions identified as fraudulent by the BlueSnap fraud engine. These transactions are not sent to the issuing bank for authorization.

Mobile % of Total

Appears in Mobile Clean Rate by Device Country. Transaction attempts where shopper's device is mobile as a percentage of all transaction attempts for the device country.

Refund Count

Total number of refunds.

Total Bad Transactions

Fraud Declines + Failed Transactions + Refund Count + Chargeback Count

Transaction Attempts

Total number of attempted transactions.

SKU Name

The contract purchased by the shopper.


A unique value assigned to each contract created in the BlueSnap product catalog.

Mobile Transaction Attempts

Number of attempted transactions where the shopper's device is a mobile phone or tablet.

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Cleanse Reports

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