Get answers to common questions about IPNs

Which transactions trigger notifications to be sent?

IPNs are sent for all of the transaction types listed under All IPNs Name Reference. However, if a payout is scheduled and there are insufficient funds to generate a payout, no payout notification is sent.

How can I resend an IPN for a specific order?

To resend an IPN notification, go to the relevant order record in the Merchant Portal (under Transactions > Find a Transaction in the left menu). In the Resend menu, select IPN and then click Send.


What happens if the IPN fails?

If BlueSnap does not receive a confirmation that you received the IPN, we will make up to 11 attempts to resend it. After the 11th attempt, we send an "IPN Failure" email to the "contact" email on record.

If I have an order for multiple contracts, is a single IPN sent or one for each contract?

A single IPN is sent per order.

What do I need to do to prepare my system to receive the notifications?

You must set up a URL where the IPNs can be sent and then enable IPNs in your BlueSnap account.
See Setting up IPNs.

How can I simulate IPN requests so I can debug for any potential issues?

You can simulate an IPN by placing a test order and having the IPN emailed to you. It's also possible to generically test IPN's using the IPN simulator found in the Merchant Portal under "general settings".
See Simulating an IPN for testing/troubleshooting.

Do I need IPNs if I am integrating with BlueSnap via the API?

In you are using the BlueSnap API, you get information about transaction events via the usual API responses. However, there is no API call involved for offline events such as disputes, chargebacks, and subscription cancellations; you need IPNs to get information about those events.