Zapier Setup

Learn how to connect BlueSnap and Zapier for elegant task automation and streamlined data transfer to your favorite apps.

Zapier is a tool that enables you to connect your BlueSnap account to 750+ supported apps, such as Salesforce, Google Sheets, and Zendesk - just to name a few. Our integration with Zapier allows for simple, effortless data transfer from BlueSnap into those apps, allowing you to strategically automate tasks, such as:

  • Importing transaction data into Excel, Google Sheets, or Zoho Reports
  • Logging transactions in Quickbooks
  • Creating new customers in SalesForce
  • Adding contacts to Hubspot


Zapier and BlueSnap accounts

You must have accounts at both Zapier and BlueSnap to proceed.

If you need a Zapier account, go to the Zapier website to sign up.
If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

1. Choosing an Integration Method

There are two integration methods to choose from:

1. Reporting API Integration
2. Webhook Integration

Reporting API Integration

In this integration method, you will configure your BlueSnap account with Zapier via the Reporting API, allowing you to import transaction data from BlueSnap into your favorite app.

Before you get started:

Contact Merchant Support and ask for Zapier's IPs to be whitelisted for your BlueSnap account.

  1. Go to the invitation link and accept the invite by logging in to your Zapier account.

  2. Click Create this Zap.

  3. Select New Transactions as the BlueSnap Trigger and click Save + Continue.

  1. Click Connect an Account and allow Zapier access by entering your BlueSnap API Username and Password.
  1. Click Continue and proceed to Part 2: Finishing Up.

Webhook Integration

In this integration method, you will configure your BlueSnap account with Zapier via BlueSnap webhooks.

  1. From your Zapier account dashboard, click Make a Zap!.

  2. Choose Webhooks by Zapier as the Trigger App.

  1. Select Catch Hook as the Trigger and click Save + Continue.
  1. The Pick off Child Key step is optional. Click Continue.

  2. Copy your uniquely generated link from Zapier and click OK, I did this.

  1. In a new tab, log in to your BlueSnap Merchant Console and go to Settings > General Settings.

  2. In the Notifications section, select the Receive Instant Payment Notifications check box.

  3. In the IPN URL(s) field, paste the Zapier-generated URL. All Default IPN types will be sent to this URL. Once you have entered your URL, you can test it by clicking the Test URL button to the right of the entry field.

  4. Optionally, enable On-demand IPN types to be sent to this URL by selecting the checkbox next to each IPN type that you want to receive.

Enabling Webhooks for Specific Contracts

If you are hosting your product catalog on BlueSnap, you may wish to enable webhooks for a specific contract. For example, you may wish to send an email every time someone purchases that recently launched video game. To do so, see
webhooks for specific contracts.

  1. When you're done, click Submit.

  2. In your Zapier account, you should see that the webhook test was successful. Click Continue and proceed to the next step.

2. Finishing Up

To finish up, you will set up the Action for your Zap, which is the task you would like to complete with the data.

  1. To set up the Action, click Action Set up this step in the left control pane.

  2. Choose the app you would like to connect to, select your desired settings, and click Save + Continue.

  3. Continue the Zap setup process by following your chosen application's instructions.

  4. Optionally, add additional Actions or apply filters by clicking the (+) icon in the left control pane.

Adding Filters

If you would like an Action to depend on a specific Trigger condition, set up a filter before the desired Action. For example, you might decide to send emails only for refunds, or to create new contacts only for charges (not refunds/chargebacks).

  1. Once you have finished customizing your Zap, turn YOUR ZAP IS switch to ON.