To-Do List

Generate tasks based on cadences or manually create and assign tasks to your team.


The To-Do screen consists of 3 tabs: Communications, Tasks, and Approvals.

Items on the To-Do list can be created manually or automatically as tasks created from a cadences. Each step in a cadence populates the To-Do list on the left.


Items on the list can have one of the following statuses:

  • Scheduled — A cadence step that is set up to go out automatically is scheduled to go out on the scheduled day during the next available delivery window.

  • Pending — A cadence step that is not scheduled to be sent automatically and is not sent until manually approved.

  • Failed — A task that could not be sent. If you hover your mouse over the Failed icon, you see the reason for the failure.


The icons represent different types of tasks and communications:

  • email icon an envelope shape in blue : Email
  • SMS icon a blue speech bubble : SMS Text Message
  • phone call icon a blue telephone handset : Phone Call
  • letter icon an envelope shape outlined in blue : Physical Mail
  • notification icon a bell shape in blue : Internal Notification

Filter the items list

  1. Click the To-Do List icon ( to-do list icon blue bulleted list ) in the left navigation panel.
  2. Filter the tasks by clicking the filter icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Filter by Status, Assignee, and Time Period.
  4. Click OK.


Complete a Pending item

If a communication is in Pending status, you can approve it here.

  1. Select the communication you want to approve.

  2. Click the Actions menu (three vertical dots) and choose Approve.


Create a new task

  1. Click New Task in the top-right corner of the To-Do List.

  2. Enter a Description.

  3. Click Due Date and select the desired date of completion.

  4. Click Link To and select the link type of link, either Customer and then select the customer, or Employee to link it to a single employee.

  5. In the Assignee list, select the name of the user who needs to complete the task.

  6. Click Save.

Complete a Pending task

If a task is in Pending status, you can close it here.

  1. Select the task you want to complete.
  2. Click the Actions menu (three vertical dots) and choose Complete.