Subscriptions and Recurring Transactions FAQs

Does BlueSnap support the ability to process payments for subscriptions or recurring charges?

Yes. Products can be set up to automatically bill the shopper based on a standard or custom payment schedule, such as monthly, quarterly, annually, and so on. Refer to Subscription capabilities.

What are the new rules on Trial Subscriptions?

Effective 18-Apr-2020, there are card brand regulation updates to the rules and requirements surrounding free trials that roll into an ongoing subscription. BlueSnap has made enhancements to comply with those rules. For more information, refer to Trial Subscriptions.

What happens if a customer switches plans mid-cycle?

No problem. Our subscription engine supports pro-rated subscription billing.

Can BlueSnap push notifications to my server when there is a change in subscription status?

Yes. We have IPNs/webhooks that you can configure to send notifications about transaction events in real time. These transaction events include subscriptions events as well as authorizations, payments, refunds and more.

What happens if a recurring transaction fails?

Our proprietary Intelligent Payment Routing features fail-over and retry logic that attempt to send a transaction to another bank to be authorized. If the card has expired, our account updater automatically attempts to update the card data to avoid a failure. (If you'd like to know more about the way we maximize your conversion rates, refer to our Payment Optimization page.)

Can a giftcard be used for a subscription?

Yes. A gift card can be used for a subscription, but it can not be used to renew a subscription.

For more information about Subscriptions, read our Subscriptions Guide.