Dispute Management Service

BlueSnap has partnered with Chargebacks911 to provide you with the ability to manage chargebacks throughout their lifecycle — including monitoring, accepting, and representing chargebacks, as well as comprehensive reporting and analytics.

BlueSnap offers two service levels that allow you to manage or represent chargebacks. The two options allow you to choose between managing chargebacks through our partner Chargebacks911 or on your own, with the help of Chargebacks911's tools.

  • Full-Service Dispute Management: The representments for eligible chargebacks are built and submitted for you by Chargebacks911.
  • Self-Service Dispute Management: Merchants may build the representments themselves and upload them directly to Chargebacks911’s Client Portal.

The following table highlights the capabilities of each of the service levels available to you. More detail is available in the descriptions below the table.

Automated responses to retrieval requests   ✅
Basic reporting   ✅   ✅
Chargeback performance monitoring   ✅   ✅
Advanced analytics to identify root chargeback causes   ✅   ✅
Chargebacks of valid sales disputed on your behalf   ✅
Customizable thresholds to determine when chargebacks are disputed   ✅
Case Management so you can assign cases to your own agents   ✅
Case Builder so you can compile evidence and build your cases   ✅ **
Initial chargeback diagnostic report with recommended improvements   ✅
PriceBased on transaction amountFixed price per dispute

** The file type needs to be PDF or JPG and have a maximum size of 10MB. Audio recordings are not accepted by the banks as evidence. (The recordings will need to be transcribed.)

Full-Service Dispute Management

This level is ideal if you want BlueSnap and Chargebacks911 to fully manage the chargeback dispute process for you.

  • You'll receive an initial chargeback diagnostic report in which Chargebacks911 reviews your websites, user experience, and sales process. Chargebacks911 then recommends improvements to common business practices that can reduce chargebacks and increase dispute win rates. These recommendations are based on card network regulations, machine learning, and how merchant chargeback data compares to similar merchants.
  • We will represent all chargebacks of valid sales, such as chargebacks resulting from friendly and malicious fraud.
  • We respond to all retrieval requests on your behalf. Retrieval requests typically occur when an issuer requests more information about a charge before submitting a formal case.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics are available right from the Chargebacks911’s Client Portal. You can view chargeback ratios by card brand and reason code, as well as view analytics to identify root chargeback causes.
    Note: We only contact you if we need additional information.

Enrolling in Full-Service Dispute Management

To enroll in Full-Service Dispute Management, contact Merchant Support. You’ll receive an email explaining how to access your Chargebacks911 account.



In order to successfully represent chargebacks, Chargebacks911 requires access to any merchant information system that stores customer data and communications, such as a CRM, Order Management, and Customer Support systems. Chargebacks911 reviews your business practices (such as terms and conditions, refund policy, and sales methods) with you to identify any merchant-specific data attributes that may be required to represent chargebacks.

Typically, branded CRM systems and other branded systems store all the required information. If you use a custom system, Chargebacks911 will review the data available in each system and ensure that they have enough data to submit disputes on your behalf.

Self-Service Dispute Management

This level is ideal if you are familiar with the chargeback process, are prepared to create and upload your own evidence, and want to decide which chargebacks to represent.

To help you manage and build your representment cases, you’ll have access to two powerful tools in your Chargebacks911 Portal:

  • Case Management: streamlines the dispute process by allowing you to assign cases to your own agents.
  • Case Builder: provides the structure for you to compile the evidence to submit strong cases. You’ll conveniently upload all cases right to your Chargebacks911 Portal.

In addition, the comprehensive reporting and analytics described above are available right from your Chargebacks911 Client Portal within your BlueSnap Merchant Portal.

To enroll in Self-Service Dispute Management, contact merchant support. You’ll receive an email explaining how to access your Chargebacks911 account.