Subscription Plans

Plans are how you specify your most common product and service packages.

Plans are a subscription template or type. While each subscription can be 100% customized, each one starts with a plan. Nearly every business that offers subscription/recurring billing has a concept of a plan. Think of the various plans offered by your cable provider, mobile phone carrier, or online software; they all offer different plan levels or service levels.

Review existing plans

You can review and edit all existing plans in the Plans tile in the Settings screen.

Create a new plan

  1. In the Settings screen, click Plans.
  2. In the Plans screen, click New Plan in the top-right of the screen.
  3. Enter the plan data.
  4. Click Save in the top-right of the screen.

Plan Data

Plan nameYThis is how you refer to your plan.
IntervalYThe period of time between when invoices are created. Options are: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually, or Custom
Products/ServicesYThe product or service the customer is being charged for.
PriceYThe amount the customer is charged.
Plan CodeNUsed for internal plan identification.
DurationNChanging duration to Limited Billing Cycles cancels the subscription after the specified number of invoices have been created.
Days of TrialNThe trial period is a period of time after the subscription is active but no invoices have been created yet.
CurrencyNChange the currency of invoices created with this plan.
One‑Time Line ItemsNMarking an item as One Time removes this line item from any invoice created after the initial invoice.
Tax Line ItemsNMakes the item as Taxable. Note: This requires that a tax rate be set.
Notes/TermsNThis is displayed on any invoices created with this plan.

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