Cadence FAQs

Will a Cadence Assignment Rule assign the cadence to all customers/invoices?

A Cadence Assignment Rule will only assign the cadence to new invoices/customers which meet the condition/s created by the new rule. So, when you make a new cadence assignment rule, it is only applied to customers/invoices that are created after the creation of the rule.

Why does a ToDo task have a status of pending?

There are multiple reasons this may happen:

  • This can happen when the cadence condition isn't set to be sent automatically. Communication tasks labeled "pending" might be populating on the to-do list waiting for manual approval.
  • There has been no successful login to the AR Automation account within the past month
  • There was no account synchronization for more than a week (appliable for QuickBooks Desktop)
  • Scheduled tasks revert to "pending" if they are not dispatched within 3 days. This can happen if there is an issue with account synchronization and invoices cannot be synced, if the delivery window setting is not specified, or if the delivery window is set to have a 3 day gap.