Cadence FAQs

Can I assign multiple cadences to one customer?

No, only one cadence can be assigned per customer record. However, you can assign different cadences for each customer’s invoice. You can also set up Cadence Assignment Rules so different cadences will be assigned to invoices automatically based on the criteria you define.

How do I know if a cadence is working?

We recommend you create a test cadence with the cadence conditions you plan to use and create a test customer and invoice to see if communications are created. You can create a test with some of the most common conditions: When Customer is created, When Invoice is created, Before Invoice Due Date, and Payment Receipt.
Note: To ensure the cadence condition will be triggered when a customer is created, set up the test cadence as the default cadence so it will be applied automatically to the test customer you create.

Can I customize the timing and frequency of cadence messages?

Yes, almost each cadence condition has a timing setting that allows choosing the number of days before or after an event to trigger the step. For example, you can create a step to send a past due notice 5, 15, and 45 days after an invoice is past due.
Note: In the cadence timing setting, 0 days is considered to be the first day. So if you set a cadence to be triggered on the same day as the event, make sure to enter "0" in the timing field to ensure the communication is sent on the first day.

What happens if a customer responds to a cadence message?

Cadence emails are sent from the Team or User email account connected to your AR Automation account. If a customer responds to the cadence you will receive the response to the email account connected. If you do not want to receive responses to the mailbox connected you can add a message to your cadences asking customers to reply to a different email.

How often should I send communication through a cadence?

The frequency of communication through a cadence depends on the specific use case and the customer's preferences. For example, you may want to send invoice reminders a few days before the due date, and renewal reminders a few weeks before the subscription expires.

If an invoice was paid will the customer receive the notification asking to make a payment if cadence communication was already scheduled?

No, once the status turns to Paid, the system removes the cadence from the invoice.