Setting Up a Standard Subscription Plan

  1. In the Merchant Portal, go to Product Catalog > Products in the left menu.
  2. Expand the relevant product, and then click New Contract.
  3. In the Pricing area, under Plan Type, select one of these subscription plans:
    • Standard Subscription: Charges the shopper a recurring amount that remains fixed for each payment period.
    • Standard Subscription with Trial: Provides the shopper with an initial free trial followed by a fixed recurring charge every payment period.
    • Initial Charge Followed by Subscription: Charges the shopper an initial fee that is then followed by a fixed recurring amount for each payment period.



If you would like to offer PayPal as a payment method for subscriptions, please enable it as described in Enabling subscriptions with PayPal. For more information about PayPal setup, see PayPal overview.

PayPal is not available for subscriptions with a trial.

  1. If you selected Standard Subscription with Trial, set the length of the Trial Period, in days.

  2. If you selected Initial Charge Followed by Subscription, configure these settings:

    • Subscription Starts After: The period to wait, in days, before starting to charge the regular subscription fee.
    • Initial Price: The initial fee to charge the shopper.
  3. For all plan types, define the Recurring Price, which is the price that should be charged each payment period, and the Payment Frequency.

  4. In the Subscription Limitations area, you can set up limits on the total amount or number of subscription charges, or on the duration of the subscription. The default value for Max Duration is 99,999 days.

  5. In the Advanced Recurring Settings area, you can configure either of these options:
    Charge On Switch: Select if the shopper should be charged immediately when they switch to this contract from a different one. See Prorating subscription change charges.
    Cancel Subscription: Define the grace period, which is how long to wait before automatically canceling the subscription if a recurring charge fails. If you do not set a grace period, the subscription will remain suspended unless canceled manually.


Retries during the grace period, and subscription suspension & cancellation

In case of a soft decline, BlueSnap will automatically retry the charge 5, 10, and 14 days after the initial decline. See Dunning management (automated retries). Please note that automated retries are not supported with SEPA Direct Debit.

Retries will be made only during the active grace period you define here.

If the charge is successfully completed in one of the retries, the subscription will continue and the next payment date will remain due as per the original contract.

If the charge not successful in any of the retries, the subscription will go into suspended status after the last automatic retry. Once the grace period is over it will then be automatically canceled.

  1. Click Submit.