Pending Refunds Report

Displays a list of all refunds pending processing due to insufficient balance funds.

Report Columns



  • The report columns listed below with an asterisk (*) can be used to filter the results when you run the report.
  • All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.
Column NameDescription
Auth. Currency3-digit code of the currency charged to shopper.
Cancel SubscriptionsIndication of a canceled subscription (Y/N) when a pending refund is successfully processed.
Company NameThe shopper's company name.
ContractSKU or item linked to the invoice.
Contract IDA unique value assigned to each contract created in the BlueSnap product catalog.
IDRefund processing request ID.
Invoice ID*ID on the invoice.
Merchant ID*BlueSnap merchant account number.
Merchant NameName of the merchant.
Merchant Transaction IDA unique value sent by the merchant with a transaction request.
Meta‑<The MetaData Key>Displays new report columns when metadata keys are used; for example, if the metadata keys are Name, City, and Country, each of those keys will display as a column. The values in each row will be taken from the metadata values sent with each transaction, which correspond to the relevant key, such as Name=Dan.
Multiple Vendor DataApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. Value is a comma-separated string of all vendor IDs and names associated with the transaction.
For example: “1111111 (vendor1) , 2222222 (vendor2)”.
On Demand Charge DescriptionThe description of the merchant-managed subscription charge. This value is passed to BlueSnap in the Create Merchant Managed Subscription Charge request.
Payout CurrencyPayout Currency will be the same as the Disbursement currency unless the disbursement is an exotic currency. When disbursements are in an exotic currency, the Payout currency will be USD.
Pending Refund Creation DateThe date the pending refund was created.
Pre-allocated Invoice IDThe ID that is associated with the reversal/refund when and if successful.
ProductProduct name.
Product IDA unique value assigned to each product created in the BlueSnap product catalog.
Recurring Cycle NumberThe recurring cycle of the subscription the pending refund is associated with.
Refund AmountThe amount of the refund.
Refund ReasonThe reason for the refund.
RegionRegion where deposit is processed (**only available for merchants on regional payout).
Shopper EmailThe shopper's email address.
Shopper First NameThe shopper's first name.
Shopper IDA unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each shopper.
Shopper Last NameThe shopper's last name.
Subscription IDSubscription ID
Vendor/Affiliate Commission (Auth. Currency)Applies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. Any amounts owed to Affiliates or Vendors from the transaction.
Vendor/Affiliate IDApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each marketplace vendor or affiliate. A value in this column means a vendor or affiliate is associated with a specific transaction.
Vendor/Affiliate NameApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates. The name of the vendor or affiliate associated with a specific transaction.