PrestaShop 1.7 Setup

Learn how to connect your PrestaShop 1.7 store to BlueSnap for global payment processing.


PrestaShop provides an open-source, e-commerce software that enables merchants to create and manage their online store. By connecting your store to BlueSnap, you’ll be able to securely accept card payments. Since the payment form is embedded in your checkout form, shoppers enjoy a frictionless checkout experience. You’ll also have access to BlueSnap’s reporting, allowing you to dig into your e-commerce data.

Supported features

3D Secure
Chargeback Management
Fraud Prevention
Built-in Fraud Prevention and Risk Management
Enhanced fraud using Device Data Collector
Hosted Payment Fields
Multiple Currencies and Multiple Languages
Partner Sandbox Testing
Payment Analytics and Reporting
Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards and Splitit
Payment Optimization
Vaulted Shoppers


The BlueSnap module is supported for PrestaShop version 1.7.

PrestaShop and BlueSnap accounts

You must have accounts at both PrestaShop and BlueSnap to proceed.

 If you need a PartnerName account, go to the PrestaShop site to sign up.
 If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

PrestaShop software

This guide assumes that you already have the PrestaShop software installed and uploaded to your server. For instructions, see PrestaShop's documentation.

HTTPS configuration

BlueSnap requires a secure connection to process payments. You need to ensure that your domain is SSL certified and SSL is enabled. Click here to learn how.

Supported currencies

BlueSnap supports the currencies listed here. We recommend configuring your store to only accept currencies supported by BlueSnap.

Supported countries

BlueSnap supports the countries listed here. If a shopper is located in one of these supported countries, they will be able to purchase with the BlueSnap payment module.

PCI compliance

A PCI compliance of SAQ-A is required.

Enabling 3D Secure

BlueSnap's Payment API supports 3D Secure, a tool that provides an additional layer of security for online card transactions. A lookup performed during checkout determines if the issuer requires shopper identity verification. If you flag shopper authentication as a requirement, your shoppers are challenged for this info (in the form of a popup), which typically prompts them to enter their credentials (e.g. a password).

Configuring 3D Secure in your PrestaShop account

To set 3D Secure for your shopper’s online card transactions, click Yes in the Enable 3D SECURE field, which displays in the BLUESNAP GENERAL SETTINGS pane (accessed via Modules > bluesnap > Configure). For example:

Configuring 3D Secure in your BlueSnap account

You must implement 3D Secure in your BlueSnap account. Refer to the instructions for details.

Step 1: Configure your BlueSnap account settings

Complete these steps in your Merchant Portal for production or sandbox.

  1. Get your BlueSnap API credentials and define the authorized IP addresses for your server. Both of these actions are performed on the same page; for instructions click here.

  2. To get paid, you need to configure your payout settings. Refer to Payout for more information.

Step 2: Install and upload the BlueSnap module

The BlueSnap module is available for download on Prestashop.

  1. Download the BlueSnap module to your machine.

  2. Log in to PrestaShop as an admin.

  3. Go to Modules > Modules & Services and click Upload a module.

When the module has finished installing, you'll see the following message.


Step 3: Configure the BlueSnap module

Follow these steps in your PrestaShop admin account to configure the BlueSnap module.

  1. If you're not there already, go to Modules > Modules & Services and click Installed modules.

  2. Locate the BlueSnap module and click Configure.

  3. In the BlueSnap configuration screen, locate your IPN (Webhook) URL. You'll add this URL to your BlueSnap account in Step 5 when you set up IPNs.

  1. Configure the following settings.
Sandbox modeThis option determines if you are testing your account.

> Select Yes to test in your BlueSnap Sandbox account. If yes, enter your Sandbox username and Sandbox password.

Select No to work with your BlueSnap Production account.

Set this to No when you're ready to start processing live transactions.
Sandbox usernameEnter your BlueSnap Sandbox API username.
Sandbox passwordEnter a value if you want to change your Sandbox API password. Otherwise, leave blank.
UsernameEnter your BlueSnap Production API username.
Note: Be sure to enter your Production API username to go live.
PasswordEnter a value if you want to change your Production API password. Otherwise, leave blank.
Statement Soft DescriptorEnter the description that appears on the shopper's billing statement to help them identify the purchase.
Is Debug Mode EnabledSpecify if you want communications between PrestaShop and BlueSnap recorded in the log file, which is located in modules/bluesnap.

> Select Yes to log the communications. We recommend using this option during the development of your site or if you're experiencing any problems.

Select No to opt out of logging communications between PrestaShop and BlueSnap
Enable Vaulted ShoppersSpecify if you want provide logged-in shoppers with the option to store their card details for future purchases.

> _ Select Yes to present the option.

>_ Select No to disable this option.
Enable 3D SECURESpecify if you want to use 3D Secure.
Use BlueSnap Exchange Rate ConverterSelect Yes to use BlueSnap's currency exchange rates for sales.

We highly recommend that you use BlueSnap's exchange rates to ensure there are no discrepancies between the rates used to display prices during checkout and the rates used for payout.
  1. Click Save.


Notes on configuring PrestaShop

  • If you have a multi-store environment, when you add another store you may have to reset the BlueSnap module for PrestaShop to recognize it for the new store.
  • Verify the payment preferences to make sure that they allow access to the various payment methods.

Step 4: Set up automatic exchange rates updates

To configure your application to automatically get updated exchange rates from BlueSnap, follow the steps in this section. This ensures currency conversions are done with the most updated rates from BlueSnap.

Note: The Cron tasks manager module needs to be installed before proceeding. This module assists with scheduling time-based actions, such as updating exchange rates.

  1. Go to International > Localization > Currencies and make sure Live Exchange Rates is enabled.

  2. To configure your Cron tasks manager settings, go to Modules > Modules & Services > Installed modules.

  3. Locate the Cron tasks manager module and click Configure.

  4. Select one of the following modes:

  • Basic — Update exchange rates when a shopper visits your store, using PrestaShop's cron tasks webservice.
  • Advanced — Update exchange rates when a shopper visits your store, using your own cron tasks manager. This mode requires you to add a line to your crontab file, which is explained in further detail in the configuration screen.
  1. Click Save.


Locating your crontab file

The crontab is an application that runs on the server operating PrestaShop and is in charge of time-based actions. The crontab file is available to you in most UNIX/Linux based machines, and often can be found in /var/spool/cron. If you are not sure where your crontab file is, please reach out to your IT team or hosting provider for more details.


Updating currency rates after re-enabling the BlueSnap module

If you need to re-enable the BlueSnap module for any reason, we recommend that you complete the following steps after you've re-enabled the module. These steps ensure that the currency rates are updated with BlueSnap's rates.

  1. In your PrestaShop admin account, go to Modules > Modules & Services > Installed modules, and click Configure next to the BlueSnap module.
  2. On the configuration page, click Save.

Step 5: Set up IPNs

Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs), also known as webhooks, are HTTP POST messages that are sent to your PrestaShop account when an important event occurs. Follow the steps below to set up IPNs.

  1. Log in to your BlueSnap account and go to Settings > IPN Settings.

  2. Select the Receive Instant Payment Notifications check box.

  3. Update the IPN URL(s) field with the URL you obtained in Step 3.

  1. To enable specific IPNs, click Select IPNs. In the section that opens, toggle the button next to the IPN to select it. We recommend enabling the following IPN types:

    • CHARGE
    • REFUND
  2. Click Submit.