(W3C) Payment Request API

The Payment Request API (W3C) is intended to facilitate the transfer of the shopper's payment details from their browser to your website.

For shoppers who have saved payment details in a supported browser, the Payment Request API allows you to request those details by calling BlueSnap's JavaScript. Instead of having your shopper fill out a form, the browser will display a payment UI where the shopper selects a saved payment method (or adds a new one) and approves the purchase.


  • Reduced checkout friction — There's no need for the shopper to manually enter their shipping, contact, or payment information. This is a great alternative for shoppers who prefer to use a guest checkout instead of storing data with you.

  • Enhanced security — The shopper's raw card data is never shared with your website. Instead, BlueSnap securely captures and tokenizes the shopper's data obtained from the browser, which increases checkout security for the shopper and reduces your PCI compliance.

Supported browsers

Shoppers using these browsers are eligible for this service.

Learn more

For integration instructions and a demo of the payment UI, visit the Developer Hub.