AR Automation FAQs

How long does it take for a letter to be delivered?

When a letter is sent through the AR Automation platform, it usually takes 7–10 days for letters to be delivered to the recipients within the US.

What is an "Adjustment" in AR Automation?

Adjustments are generated automatically for paid invoices where the invoice balance was $0, but once again has a balance in the accounting/ERP system.

Adjustments occur most commonly when a customer is refunded, the invoice balance was zero but now has a balance again after the refund. For example, an invoice was paid but after the customer receives a refund and the payment has been removed from the accounting system, it will have a balance again. AR Automation will always show whatever the balance reported from the accounting system.

How do I invite my customers to the Customer Portal?

Invite customers to an interactive customer portal for viewing invoices, statements, sharing files, and making payments.

The AR Automation Customer Portal provides secure access for your customers to access their billing history, statements, shared files, update saved payment methods, and pay invoices/balances. Customers must be invited to the portal using one of the following options:

Invite an individual customer to the portal

  1. Select the action menu from either the customer details or summary page.

  2. Select Send Invitation.

  3. Customize the portal invitation email.

Invite a group ("batch") of customers to the portal

  1. On the Customer Summary page, select the customers you want to invite to the portal.

  2. In the Batch Actions drop-down list, select Send an invitation.

  3. Customize the portal invitation email.



Currently, batch actions are applied to one page at a time. To perform an action on more than one page at a time, contact AR Automation.

Invite multiple contacts from the same company to their customer portal

If more than one customer contact needs access to the portal, you can provide each with their own credentials rather than forcing them to share a password.

  1. Select Edit from the customer details page.

  2. Scroll down to the Contacts section.

  3. (Optional) Add a new contact.

  4. Select the menu next to Contact Them and select Enable Customer Portal.

  5. (Optional) Send this contact an invitation by selecting the Contact menu and choose Send Invitation, or choose Send Invitation from the main customer details page.

Allow customers to "Request Access" to the Customer Portal

Your customer portal is located on Customer Portal Subdomain in your Company Profile in the format

From your Customer Portal login page, customers can Request Access to their portal. After selecting the Request Access link, they are prompted to enter their email address. If the email address they enter, matches a customer in your account, they automatically receive an invitation to the customer portal by email.

How do I control the day and time that an automatic communication is sent?

Automated workflows can sometimes send messages at less-than-ideal times. Control when your communication is sent by setting your Delivery Windows.
A delivery window is a time period when automatic communication can be sent by AR Automation. Delivery windows do not have any impact on communication sent manually through AR Automation.

Set your delivery windows under Account > Communication.

Simply select the days you would like communication to be sent, then choose the start and end times for sending communication. Time is in 24hr format (for example, 13:00 is 1pm). From is the first hour communication can be sent and To is the last hour communication can be sent.

Why can't I edit my customers?

By default and by design, when you've connected your AR Automation account to an accounting or ERP system you cannot edit customer contact information in AR Automation.

This is intended to keep your accounting/ERP system as the source of truth. Changes made to customers in your accounting system will be reflected in AR Automation after the next synchronization. To Initiate a sync right away select the Sync button in the left navigation.

Depending on which system you're connected with (specifically Quickbooks, Xero, and perhaps others) this setting can be overridden to allow contacts to be edited in AR Automation.

How is Customer Health calculated?

AR Automation's Customer Health Score is automatically calculated based on several key factors
We built a proprietary machine-learning algorithm that takes into account your customer's payment history, company type, and demographic data to generate a health score.
You can override the generated score to set your own at any time by selecting the Actions Menu (three dots) from the customer list or customer details page and selecting Change Customer Health.