SAT Surveys

Customer Satisfaction (or CSAT) surveys can be emailed to customers to evaluate their level of satisfaction with a product or service use. Usually, this is a one‑time request after an interaction with a customer, such as a customer service ticket being closed.

Configure CSAT Surveys

Before you begin, ensure that the Full Access role is set to Full for the Customer CSAT option. For more information, refer to Roles.

  1. In the Settings screen, click the SAT Surveys tile.

  2. Click the New SAT Campaign button in the top-right.

  3. Enter the Name of the campaign.

  4. Select the Campaign Type (Customers, Employees, or Candidates).

  5. Click Save.

  6. In the SAT Campaigns menu, select your new campaign.

  7. Edit the campaign settings.
    Note: By default, all campaigns are inactive so you can make any changes until you are ready to activate the campaign.

  8. Click Save.

Campaign Settings



CSAT Campaigns are designed to be sent to a specific Segment of your customers. Learn more about creating and using Segments here. Select the segment that should receive the campaign.
Campaign Start DateChoose a campaign start date, this is the date the campaign is sent to customers who are currently in the selected segment. New additions to the segment after the creation of the campaign have separate survey sending options (see below).
FrequencyThis is how often the survey is sent. If you don't want to repeat the survey, select the check box for Send survey only once.
New Segment ContactThis is the separate option for new segment additions mentioned above. This is the number of days after a new contact is added to the segment that the survey should be sent to them.
Note: This rule is only applicable once in the lifetime of the customer record, meaning that if the customer is removed and added to the segment again, this is not enabled.
RemindersYou can send up to two reminders for incomplete CSAT surveys, select the check box to Enable reminders to send reminders. Choose the number of days after the survey is sent to send the reminders.
PreferencesSelect whether you would like to have these emails automatically sent or approved manually. If the option for Send an email automatically is unselected, survey emails await approval in the To-Do list.
Email Template
A basic template is already in the email template section. This template is completely modifiable. You can change colors, personalize names, or change the subject line and body text by using the toolbar in the template section.

Automatic Responses

After a customer receives the email and makes a selection, they are redirected to a page where they can provide more detailed feedback. You can also send an automatic email based on the customer's response.

Thank you message

You can create a "Thank You" message to be sent to a customer based on their feedback. You can customize the message for each smiley face option in the Thank You message section by selecting the unhappy, neutral, or happy options.
Note: If you do not customize the message, a generic thank you message is displayed.

Automate your follow-up question

You can configure an automatic follow-up email based on the customer's response. You can customize the question for each smiley face option in the Follow-up Question section by selecting the unhappy, neutral, or happy options.

Note: If this is not configured, no follow-up question is sent.

Limit survey recipients

You can further control who receives the survey.

  1. In the customer records, select the customer profile

  2. Select the disable option for CSAT Surveys to specify that this customer should not receive the survey.
    This disables the survey for the specific recipient regardless of whether they are in the campaign segment.

Disable the survey for individual contacts

  1. Select the Actions menu (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner of the customer records individual profile to pull up the contact profile.

  2. From here, scroll down to the contacts box.

  3. Enable or disable the feature by selecting the click the Actions menu (three vertical dots) and select the corresponding response from the drop-down menu.

  4. (Optional) Disable CSAT Surveys.

Activate the Campaign

When you are ready to send the CSAT campaign, open the CSAT Survey, and click Activate.
Note: Once activated, the CSAT schedule is enabled for all customers that are a part of the segment you selected.

See when the survey will be sent

  1. Select customer records from the drop-down menu in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select the individual customer.

  3. Select the to do tab on the customer record profile.
    You can review the scheduled survey dates here.

Note: It takes time for it to appear in To-Do section after configuration.

View customer feedback

  1. Select the Customers option from the left navigation panel.

  2. Select CSAT Feedback.
    Here you can view the recipients' names, campaign type, date received, any response, and the score reported.

Additional options

  • View specific feedback: Select the individual customer.

  • Respond to feedback: Type directly into the Response section that opens in the Feedback window or select Load Template to use a prewritten response.

  • Filter the responses: Select the icon in the top-right corner of the CSAT Feedback menu.

  • View a customer's correspondence history: Select Customer Records from the left navigation panel. Select the profile you want to view. The email history opens on the right with the following information: which emails were opened, feedback results, and follow-up emails through the timeline.

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