BlueSnap Reporting

With BlueSnap's reporting and analytics capabilities, you can dive into the critical eCommerce data that drives your business, and get insights to help you boost conversions.


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The BlueSnap mobile app is available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It’s a great way to keep up to date with account activity while on the go.

You can view reports, search for orders, issue refunds, and cancel subscriptions.
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Online & downloadable reports

We provide online reporting capabilities, with the option to download reports, right in the BlueSnap Merchant Console. To access all reports, go to Account Activity > Reports in the Merchant Console. In addition, an overview of your account's sales and conversions is available at Account Activity > Dashboard.

Data availability

Real-time transaction data is available in the Today's Transactions report.

For all other reports, there is currently a time delay of 2-3 hours for report data, meaning that you will not see data for transactions that took place within the last 3 hours.

These are some of the main reporting options available in your BlueSnap Merchant Console:

Today's Transactions

If you need real-time data, go to the Today's Transactions report, located under Reports > Sales, Refunds, and Chargebacks > Today's Transactions.

The data available in this report includes:

  • Invoice ID
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Date
  • Refund / Chargeback Reason
  • Payment Type
  • Card Network
  • Auth. Currency
  • Shopper Name
  • Custom Fields
  • and more!

Payment conversion reporting

Our payment conversion reports provide in-depth analysis into your authorization results so that you can optimize conversion rates and increase sales. Any conversion report can be run for one-off or recurring charges, allowing you to focus your analysis on subscriptions as needed.

Conversion rates over time
Understand how business changes such as product pricing, website disclosures, and adjustments to the checkout form impact your conversion rates.

Conversion rates by ticket size
Reference conversion data to develop pricing strategies that maximize sales.

Payment declines by decline reason
Understand why transactions are declining so you can optimize your checkout experience.

Conversion rates by card type
Identify conversion issues with specific networks.

Conversion rates by issuer and BIN
Provides information about the bank (country and bank name), card type (credit/debit), and BIN type. For each BIN, the report tells you the value and number of the successful and declined transactions, as well as the conversion rate. This report enables you to diagnose and address processing issues, such as lower success rates with a specific BIN.

Payment success grids
Shows the authorization success rates (based on either the number of transactions or value of transactions) for various combinations of currency and BIN Country. Identifying the optimal authorization currency for each BIN country allows you to improve authorization success and increase sales.

Sales intelligence

Accurately track the lifecycle of your customer base with reports about your sales and revenue.

Detailed transaction reports
Obtain complete details about each transaction, including shopper info, payment details, subscription info and more.

Summary reports
View performance metrics for sales, chargebacks and refunds. Then break down your reporting by product and currency.

Subscription reports
Track subscription performance and subscriber totals. When using BlueSnap's Account Updater, you can also retrieve the status of your Account Updater requests, including the expired and new card details.

Declined transaction reports
Obtain details about each credit and debit card transaction that was declined by the issuing bank, including the date, decline reason, transaction amount, shopper info, and payment info such as the bank, BIN, last 4 digits of card, card network, and card type (credit or debit). This information is helpful when you need to reach out to shoppers with declined payments.
Please note that this report reconciles to the Payment Declines by Reason Code report.

Track sales and product performance across different geographies.
Aggregate sales data from multiple currencies into your base currency.

Payout and Reconciliation

BlueSnap’s reporting can help simplify your reconciliation process whether it’s performed daily, weekly, monthly, or some other interval.

Payout Summary
The Payout Summary report has all the information you need to reconcile your gross sales with the amount deposited into your bank account for each payout currency. It includes all sales, refunds, chargebacks, non-processing fees and any other adjustments to your account.

Payout Detail
The Payout Detail report is helpful when reconciling the processing fees charged by BlueSnap with the transactions your processed. For each transaction, the report includes:

  • Transaction ID
  • Authorization Date
  • Capture Date
  • Transaction Type (Sale, Refund, or Chargeback)
  • Payment Method (Ex. Visa Credit)
  • Card Category (Consumer, Corporate, etc.)
  • Payout Currency
  • Gross Transaction Amount
  • Processing Fees
  • Net Amount (Transaction Amount less Processing Fees)

Every deposit you receive will be assigned a unique Payment ID (you can find it on the Payment Summary report). If additional order information such as shopper name, email, or a custom field is required for reconciliation, you can find it on the Transaction Detail report. Simply enter the Payment ID when generating the report to retrieve the transactions associated with that deposit.

The Transaction Detail Report is located under Reports > Sales, Refunds, & Chargebacks, > Transaction Detail.

Cleanse reports

Our on-demand Cleanse Reports provide comprehensive insight into your transaction history. We have partnered with Kount to identify and eliminate fraudulent activity through customer data and purchase behavior analysis. Cleanse Reports leverage these findings to provide information about shopper behavior, and they are conveniently located in the Merchant Console: Account Activity > Reports > Cleanse Reports.

We offer four different Cleanse Reports to help you identify patterns and trends in your transaction history:

Clean Rate by Device Country
Track transaction data by device country. This Cleanse Report provides a broad overview of your markets to help you recognize shopper behavior across geographies. These insights can help guide sales and marketing decisions based on shopper device location.

Clean Rate by Device Country and Language
Track shopper behavior through both device location and default device language. See how shopper geolocation and device language settings relate to transaction data, so you can better understand your market profiles.

Mobile Clean Rate by Device Country
Track transaction data by mobile device country, so you can identify how to invest in your mobile markets. You might decide to create a mobile app or to revamp your current mobile checkout experience based on the insights you gain from this report.

Clean Rate by Product
Track transaction data by product to identify which products have high chargebacks, refunds, and/or declined transactions, so you can make informed product-related decisions, such as determining product price, allocating marketing efforts, or customizing your fraud-prevention approach.
Note: This report is only available to merchants using our Extended Payment API or BuyNow Hosted Checkout solutions.

The above four reports include the following transaction data elements:

  • Transaction Attempts: Credit card transactions submitted to Kount
  • Fraud Declines: Kount declines
  • Failed Transactions: Total declines by Kount, issuer, and merchant review
  • Completed Sales: Transaction Attempts minus Failed Transactions
  • Refund Count: Number of Transaction Attempts that resulted in refunds
  • Chargeback Count: Number of Transaction Attempts that resulted in chargebacks
  • Total Bad Transactions: Failed Transactions + Refund Count + Chargeback Count
  • Clean Rate: See below for calculation

Want to strengthen your fraud prevention strategy? See: Fraud Prevention Service Levels.

Report Availability

Cleanse Reports are only available if you are taking advantage of BlueSnap's Fraud Prevention services through Kount.

For API integrations, you must have Device Data Collector embedded in your checkout form to access Cleanse Reports.

Reporting API

Pull any payment data right from the Reporting API, parse it according to your needs or push it to your third-party reporting tools. This API provides the ultimate reporting flexibility and accessibility. Learn more about the Reporting API.

BlueSnap Reporting