Payment Link Overview

Payment Link is a built-in feature of the Virtual Terminal that allows you to generate a unique, secure link to send to the shopper. The shopper then enters their payment details in the BuyNow page.


  • Send a secure payment link for invoices, one-time transactions, or recurring payments.
  • Increase shopper confidence by allowing them to enter their own sensitive payment details.
  • Available for credit cards, ACH, Visa Checkout, MasterPass, PayPal, Wire Transfers, and more.

Payment Link Setup

To get started with Payment Link, make sure you've completed the steps necessary to use Virtual Terminal.

Note: PCI compliance SAQ C-VT is required to use Virtual Terminal with Payment Link.

Enabling Payment Methods

After you've completed the Virtual Terminal setup, you can move on to specifying which payment methods you would like to appear on the BuyNow page for the shopper. Click here to learn how.

Using Payment Link

  1. In the Merchant Console, go to Transactions > Virtual Terminal.
  2. Define the relevant settings, such as the price and quantity.
  3. Click the Link button.
  4. Copy the URL for the BuyNow page by clicking Copy to clipboard.
  1. Give this URL to the shopper so that they can enter their own payment information in the checkout page.

The Shopper's Experience

When the shopper opens the URL in their web browser, they'll be interacting with one of our BuyNow pages. Here, they'll select their payment method, enter their information, and confirm the order.

Payment Link Overview