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IPN (Webhook) Overview

Learn how you can use Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) to get real-time information about transaction events

IPNs provide an effective way to keep you up-to-date on all transaction events in real time. Transaction events include actions like authorizations, payments, refunds and more.

Whenever one of these events occurs, the IPN will provide you with basic details about the event, such as the price, product, shipping address details, payment method, and shopper information.

IPNs and Webhooks

Some payment processors use the term Webhooks when referring to notifications. Webhooks and IPNs are essentially equivalent.

What IPNs are used for

Here are some ways you might use IPNs:

  • Make sure your accounting records are updated when a payment is made
  • Take action when a chargeback is processed
  • Send a subscription reminder email to a customer when their subscription is due for renewal
  • Update your customer database when a subscription is processed

How and when BlueSnap sends IPNs

IPNs are automatically transmitted via an HTTPS POST request to a unique URL on your site's server, which you will define. IPNs are triggered by an event such as an authorization, payment acceptance, or refund confirmation and are sent as soon as the event is complete.

How to enable IPNs

To enable IPNs, you will need to set up a server and URL on your side and then configure IPNs in your BlueSnap account. See Setting up IPNs.

Available IPN types

BlueSnap provides IPNs by default to all merchants for a set of specific event types, such as a charge, authorization only, or cancellation. See Default IPN types.

Additional types of IPNs are available for events such as an offline order or failed credit card charge. See On-demand IPN types.

Note: The IPN name will be sent in the transactionType parameter.

Example IPN

An IPN is a long string of text with fields and attributes that contain information about the transaction. For example:


IPN (Webhook) Overview

Learn how you can use Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) to get real-time information about transaction events