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Enabling Payment Methods

To enable or disable specific payment methods, such as PayPal, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, Alipay, local bank transfer, or wire transfer, go to Checkout Page > Payment Methods in the left menu of the BlueSnap Merchant Console.

Then select Show or Hide next to the relevant payment methods.

For details about BlueSnap's supported payment methods by geography, see Supported payment methods.

Enable/Disable Specific Cards

All merchants have the option to specify which cards they would like to accept in their store.

  1. Click Modify next to Secure Online Credit Card.
  1. Select which cards you would like to enable or disable. The cards with a check mark (✓) are enabled. All cards are enabled by default.
    Note: All other card options not in the list will be automatically enabled, if that card is supported by BlueSnap (see Supported Credit Cards).
  1. When you are done, click Submit.

What happens if a shopper enters a card brand/type that is disabled?

Depending on your Bluesnap integration, the following will occur:

BuyNow Page Integrations
Shoppers will see an error message and will have the ability to try the purchase again with a different card.

API Integrations
If a disabled card is submitted in a transaction or order API request, merchants will receive a 10001 Validation General Failure Error in the Payment API and in the Extended Payment API. It is recommended that the merchant communicates to the shopper that the card is not supported and to try again with a different card.

Minimize Checkout Friction

On your website, explain which cards are supported prior to the shopper reaching the checkout page.

Enabling Payment Methods