Default IPN Types

Learn about the types of IPNs (webhooks) that are sent by default

Below are the IPN types that are available by default. Additional IPNs are available upon request. See On-demand IPN types. For a complete list of all parameters that are sent in IPNs, see IPN parameter reference.


Sent when an Authorization Only request is performed. Auth Only is a request to check whether a credit card is valid and has the funds to complete a specific transaction (i.e. purchase). It does not actually run a charge on the card, but does temporarily hold the funds aside. It can also be run with a 0 charge value.


Sent when a recurring charge is cancelled. The cancellation can be initiated by the customer, merchant, or BlueSnap.


Sent when a subscription is cancelled and a refund is processed.


Sent when a customer requests to cancel a subscription that is set to auto renew. The subscription will be cancelled automatically at the end of the subscription period.


Sent when a new purchase has been completed. This applies to both one-time charges and recurring charges.


Sent when a shopper challenges a transaction with their issuing bank, who then initiates the chargeback process. This IPN/webhook provides you the opportunity to address the issue.


Sent when an event is received from Chargebacks911 that does not open a new chargeback.


Sent when the contract associated with a recurring charge or a subscription contract is replaced with another contract, such as a customer moving from one service plan to another.


Sent when a transaction is declined due to BlueSnap manual review process.


Sent when a payout transfer fails. If you receive this notification, note the following:

  • There was a payout issue and you will not receive your funds on time
  • You need to contact BlueSnap Merchant Support to have them correct your payout information


Sent when a platform partner onboards a new merchant.


Sent when a charge has been made for a subscription contract. This applies only to the second and subsequent charges. The first payment of a subscription contract is treated as a standard charge and a CHARGE IPN is sent.


Sent when a refund is issued.


Sent each time a subscription reminder email should be sent to a shopper for renewal of their subscription. Using the information sent in the notification, you can generate your own email to send to your customer reminding them of their upcoming payment period for the subscription renewal.

Default IPN Types

Learn about the types of IPNs (webhooks) that are sent by default

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