ClickFunnels Setup

Connect BlueSnap and ClickFunnels to build a unified solution for payment processing.

ClickFunnels allows you to build sales funnels through a variety of landing page templates that are easy to create and customize. By connecting to BlueSnap, you'll be able to leverage the ClickFunnels platform and take advantage of BlueSnap’s global payment gateway technology.

Supported features

  • Card payments for one-time & recurring charges
  • Returning shoppers (Upsells)
  • Account Updater to keep card data up-to-date for subscriptions
  • Pre-built Shopper Control Panel hosted on BlueSnap


ClickFunnels and BlueSnap accounts

You must have accounts at both ClickFunnels and BlueSnap to proceed.

If you need a ClickFunnels account, go to the ClickFunnels website to sign up.
If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

Step 1: Configure your BlueSnap account settings

1. Create your BlueSnap API Credentials

In this step, you will create BlueSnap API credentials. You will need these later when you configure BlueSnap in ClickFunnels.

  1. Access your BlueSnap Merchant Console by logging into your production account.
  2. Go to Settings > API Settings.
  3. Define your API password.
  1. Add the following IP address:
  1. Click Request API Credentials. The credentials are generated and your new API Username is displayed.

2. Set up your Statement Descriptor

The statement descriptor (or "soft" descriptor) is the description that your shopper sees on their credit card or bank statement for each transaction, and typically includes the business name and a shopper support phone number. It can also include information such as the product name.

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Branding Settings.
  2. Enter the Default Statement Descriptor and Support phone number.
    Note: You can enter up to 20 characters for the statement descriptor along with your phone number. Both will display on your customer’s card statement.
  1. Click Submit.

3. Configure your payout settings

To get paid, you will need to configure payout settings by going to Settings > Payout Method in the Merchant Console. Click here for more information.

Step 2: Configure your ClickFunnels account settings

Please follow these steps in your ClickFunnels account to configure BlueSnap as your payment gateway. You'll need your BlueSnap API credentials at this time.

  1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account and go to Account > Payment Gateways.
  1. From the list of available payment gateways, select BlueSnap.
  2. Enter your BlueSnap API Username and Password.
  3. When you're done, save your configuration settings, which will sync your ClickFunnels and BlueSnap accounts. If successful, a confirmation message will be displayed (i.e. "Successfully Connected").

Best practices & tips

BlueSnap's IPNs

Stay up-to-date on transactions events, such as charges, subscription plan changes, and updated payment info, using BlueSnap's IPNs (webhooks). IPNs enable you to take action based on a specific event. For example, when a shopper is charged for a sale, you can send them a receipt email informing them of the debit to their account; or when a shopper cancels a subscription, you can update your internal records.

Shopper Control Panel

BlueSnap's Shopper Control Panel allows you to direct shoppers to a secure location to change plans, cancel subscriptions, and update payment information. To take advantage of this feature, direct shoppers to this link.


You have access to both ClickFunnels' and BlueSnap’s reporting capabilities, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the eCommerce data that drives your business. For example, you might leverage BlueSnap's subscription reports to understand which subscriptions are currently active and which are canceled.