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On-Demand IPN Types

Learn about the IPN (webook) types that can be sent upon request

Below are the IPN types that are available in addition to the standard Default IPN types. To enable these IPN types, see Enabling IPNs in BlueSnap.

For a complete list of all parameters that are sent in the IPNs, see IPN parameter reference.


Sent when a card number or expiration date has been updated.


Sent when a credit card payment for an initial charge fails. This applies to both one-time and recurring purchases.


Sent when a transaction is declined due to fraud.


Sent when an offline order (e.g. via fax or telephone) is processed.


Sent when there is a successful update to a payment method.


Sent when an update to a payment method has failed.


Sent to the merchant for each time BlueSnap issues a payout (deposit)


Sent when a recurring payment fails for a shopper's subscription.


Sent when a shopper's purchase has not been finalized and is currently awaiting manual review by BlueSnap.


Sent for each order if the merchant selected the "Review all orders" option in the general account settings.


Sent to the Marketplace Merchant on the following events:

  • Change to vendor's account, payout, and/or processing statuses.
  • A vendor is created/updated , but there is still missing required vendor information.

On-Demand IPN Types

Learn about the IPN (webook) types that can be sent upon request